Chuchuhuasi 4:1 Extract Powder (1 oz.)

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Chuchuhuasi (M. krukovii) is a tree found in the Western Amazonian Rainforest. The bark, roots, and leaves of the tree are a famous ethnomedicine and used for many traditional purposes.  Chuchuhuasi is used as a muscle relaxant, and works by effectively breaking up and dispersing lactic acid. Some say it enhances virility. This herb has antioxidant properties as well as enhancing the immunological system function. Its anti-inflammatory properties are commonly used in relieving varying rheumatic conditions. Additionally, Chuchuhuasi is used to help symptoms of bronchitis, rheumatism (arthritis), minor back pain, libido, gastrointestinal issues, and fever in the human body. There is an extremely wide array of other uses, that are still being discovered by botanists and medical researchers today.

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