The “Essaic 4 Herb” blend (1 oz.)

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The “Essaic 4 Herb” Blend
Essaic is an herbal powder blend that has become well known for it’s natural and amazing health benefits as well as being an excellent natural detox method. Essaic tea benefits the entire body. The herbs are boiled for a short time and then left to steep for 8-12 hours. The tea is then boiled once more and then strained. Each herb in the essaic tea recipe has roots in natural folk medicine. Each herb has it’s own benefits, but when combined, these herbs work together in a synergistic fashion to provide an amazing health effect on the body.
Common Usage:
Mix (or blend) 1 ounce of powdered blend with 2-6 ounces of hot water. Add Stevia, Lemon, or Honey for additional flavor. Stir. ENJOY!
Essaic Brewing Instructions:  (supplies needed if brewing)

Stainless steel pot with tight fitting lid
Measuring cup
Distilled Water
Warm plate or heating element
Large 32+ ounce glass bottle
Mesh strainer or cheese cloth
Mix Essaic herbs (1 ounce) thoroughly with distilled water (32 ounces). Boil the mixture on high heat for 10 minutes. When complete place the pot on a heating element or “hot plate”, cover, and let sit over night. Next morning place the covered pot back on stove with medium heat. When steam begins to develop turn the heat off and let pot sit covered for 5-10 minutes. Strain the brew through the strainer or cheese cloth into a glass container that has been properly cleaned and sterilized. Once cooled it is optimal to keep the herbal blend refrigerated. Shake well before each use!

Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Burdock Root, Rhubarb Root 

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